Max Beckmann Papers - Reel 1340

Reel 1340

Inhalt / Thema

Diaries, notebooks, correspondence, photographs, and printed material.

REELS 1213-1214: Ten personal diaries of Max Beckmann, 1942-1950.

REEL 1237: Three notebooks containing lists of works, sketches, and some daily entries of activities and observations.

REELS 1340-1341: Business letters from art schools, universities, museums and galleries regarding teaching positions, lectures, exhibitions and sales; numerous letters from his wife, Mathilde; catalogs and a letter from Irmgard Buchard; 38 personal photographs and 10 photographs of his works; catalogs and announcements; and clippings.

Donated and lent 1977-1983 by Mathilde Q. Beckmann, widow of Beckmann.


Nicht identifiziert wurde ein »Gartenbild«, das Günther Franke am 21. Apr 1941 in einem Brief an Max Beckmann erwähnt. Er schuldete dem Künstler noch das Geld für das Gemälde.

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